About Us

Carnell Welcomes Otis Hackney, Philadelphia’s Chief Education Officer!








Solo Cup Challenge: The 3rd to 5th Grade teachers participated in this team building activity as they Gear up for the 2018-2019 School year!

Solo Cup Challenge Mixed Team  Solo Cup Challenge 3rd Grade Team                                                           Solo Cup Challenge 4th Grade Team  Solo Cup Challenge 5th Grade Team




Our Mission

To create a learning environment that demonstrates evidence-based high performing
school practices and student achievement. Instruction is aimed at supporting each
student’s ability to reach and exceed proficiency levels in reading and math, as well as
develop their ability to create high-quality work and impact the world.

Our Vision

It is our goal for every student to achieve academic growth and engage in an inspiring,
challenging, and personalized learning environment that prepares students for success.

Learn more about us:

A K-5 redesign school with a vision led by dedicated scholars, educators, and community partners. Follow us on Twitter @LHCarnell #Inspiring #Challenging #Winning #5Ps

Carnell School Creed

The Creed will be recited at the beginning of each day and will close out each day on the schoolyard. The creed should be internalized, embraced and reflected through the words and actions of all:

We are the students of Laura H. Carnell learning Academy:
Like the Cougar, we are COURAGEOUS,
Like our Teachers, we are COMMITTED to our learning,
Like our Parents, we are CARING,
We will think CRITICALLY and Achieve at high levels,
We will be CHAMPIONS of Respect,
We believe in our abilities, and know that our future is BRIGHT!