Admission and Dismissal Procedures

Normal Weather Admission

  • Our day begins at 8:30 AM and ends at 3:09 PM.
  • Students will line up on designated classroom lines in the schoolyard at 8:30
  • Ms. Spivey will lead grades 2-5 in the Pledge of Allegiance and the School Creed
  • Students will line up in size order and walk quietly with their teacher to the classroom
  • Students may not enter the building before 8:30 AM

Inclement Weather Admission

* In the event of rain, snow, or extreme cold, children will be admitted through designated areas assigned by grade levels.

  • Little School House multi-purpose room – Kindergarten and 1st grade
  • Main Building Auditorium – 101, 104, 2nd and 3rd grade
  • Main Building Cafeteria – 4th and 5th

Late Arrival – Please report to the main office for a late pass.


  •  All students are dismissed at 3:09 PM.
  •  Teachers will walk with their class to the designated classroom lines in the schoolyard.
  •  Kindergarten and first-grade students will dismiss to the Little House schoolyard at 3:09 PM
  •  Students in Kindergarten, First, and 2nd Grade must be signed out daily by their designated pick-   up person.
  •  Students who pick up younger siblings must do so from the schoolyard promptly at 3:09 PM.  Students attending after-school programs will wait to be picked up by the appropriate after-school counselor.
  • Any student who has not been picked up by 3:15 pm, will be escorted into the auditorium and report to the late pick-up designee.


Emergency School Closing
In the event of a citywide closing of all public schools, especially during the winter months, KYW 1060 AM will report that all Philadelphia Public Schools are closed. The announcement will also appear on their website ( and the School District of Philadelphia’s website.

Please check your child’s Class Dojo account for emergency school closing information.

The school strongly suggests that parents/guardians listen to KYW 1060 AM each morning, especially during the winter months to be informed about emergency school closings.